I’m Navin Goyal and I spend most of my time running LOUD Capital, a venture capital and alternative investment firm that is purpose-driven in positively impacting people’s lives. We educate new and existing investors, build and invest in people-centric companies, and we offer opportunities to grow their capital.

In my first career as a practicing anesthesiologist, I learned how to take care of people and how to work with other leaders as a medical director, but I also realized I wanted to impact people more broadly. To marry this new passion for venture capital with my skills as a medical professional, I founded a mobile healthcare company that has scaled to 4 states and has raised multiple rounds of capital from various investors.

From there I wrote a book on venture capital, leadership, and my transition from a clinical career to running a venture capital firm.

I continue to write content on LinkedIn, and in a newsletter, do various media/podcasts, publicly speak for companies/organizations/events, and bring teams of experts to help businesses thrive.

I commit to bringing value that includes positivity, experience, and motivation. It has helped me and I hope it helps you. In gratitude.